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Time to Teach

     Time to Teach is a show for teachers, hosted by a real teacher. It is a show for those enthusiastic about education. In this show I share tips, suggestions, and advice on all aspects of teaching. In addition, you'll hear students and educators share their views, perspectives, and ideas. From the first year teacher to the seasoned principal, this show is perfect for anyone passionate about education, and interested in continuing to grow as an educator. Go ahead and buckle up, because teaching can get bumpy, but it's always worth it. 

Oct 15, 2017

Everyone has a bad day every now and again for one reason or another. However, your bad day doesn't have to turn into a horrible day. In this episide, I share some coping strategies I use to help survive a bad day. Listen to find out some tips to use when you find yourself confronted with a bad day. 


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Oct 8, 2017

I sit down with our literacy coach, Bekki Strong, and 3rd Grade teacher, Lisa Clarke, to discuss how to foster a love of reading in our students. We do this by examining a few key parts to Alfie Kahn's article, "How To Create NonReaders", as well as discuss some of what we do in our own classrooms and at school.


Oct 1, 2017

An effective learning environment is one which centers around the students, not the teacher. This episode explores some ways teachers can create a student centered environment so that learning is maximized. 

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3:24 Definition of Student Centered

4:31 Clutter & junk

11:50 Dump Your Desk 

16:08 Say goodbye to...

Sep 30, 2017

Today is September 30th, International Podcast Day. To celebrate, here is a bonus episode with 5 plus 2 extra factors (that makes 7, see how smart I am?) to keep in mind if you are thinking about starting your own podcast. No time stamps for this episode. Note: The audio uploaded incorrecty the first time. If you are...

Sep 24, 2017

A positive classroom climate is critical to student success. This episode (part 2) takes a deep dive into the elements that go into creating such a climate. Here I share information from scholarly literature, as well as my own active research, on how to create a postive climate in your own classroom. If you...